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Our 4-Months Together Will Include:

4-Phase Strategic Blueprint: Step by step training videos and materials to get your program off the ground in 4-months. 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls: Get all of your questions answered weekly so you can troubleshoot quickly and efficiently. Bi-Weekly Drop In Office Hours: Get 1-on-1 support with your messaging and tech questions. 

Daily Tech Support: Get all of your technology questions answered so you can move forward quickly. 

Private Facebook Group: Exclusive access to a Facebook group to connect and collaborate with others in the program and get your questions answered by the experts. 

What You'll Learn:

Phase One: Messaging and Crafting Your Offer

  • Onboarding call:  We get your business strategy plan outlined on this call
  • Fine tuning your messaging
  • Crafting your niche and I HELP statement
  • Creating your client journey
  • Getting extremely clear on who you help, how you help them, and what your program transformation will be

Phase Two: Setting Up Your Program

  • Mapping out your program
  • Fine tuning your messaging
  • Naming and setting up your program
  • Creating your freebie funnel
  • How to develop a high converting email list
  • Technology and logistical setup for your program

Phase Three: Building Your Audience and Generating Leads (Organic and Paid)

  • How to build an organic funnel
  • Content conversion strategies
  • Tracking and documentation mastery
  • Social media and posting strategy and templates
  • Facebook ads strategy training

Phase Four: Launching and Selling Your Program

  • How to launch your program through beta
  • Webinar and live launch sales strategy
  • Organic and paid sales strategy
  • Sales scripts
  • Understanding the sales and closing process 
  • Onboarding your clients

You are the perfect fit to apply if:

  • You have a strong desire to design, build and sell a high ticket coaching program, but have NO IDEA how or where to start 

  • You have a strong desire to get out of your 9-5 job or start creating $5-$15k months and monetize your passions and knowledge

  • You know that if it was so easy to create and sell your program you would have done it and you fully embrace that coaching and mentorship will help you get there faster

  • You have a huge vision for your life and you simply need the steps to make your dreams a reality

What our  clients are saying?

Meet Tressa: A mom of 3 and new coach who started working with us in High Ticket Design 10 weeks ago and has enrolled her 9th client into her program


Meet Lisa: A Workplace Burnout Coach who is ready to launch in less than 90 days


Meet Kayla: A mom of 4 and online business owner who created and is getting ready to launch her program in less than 90 days


Meet Elisa: She launched her high ticket program and enrolled 4 clients in her first 90 days in the program.