The High Ticket Validation Workshop

Are you an aspiring coach who has an idea but you aren't yet monetizing your knowledge & expertise ?

JOIN this workshop that will help you discover IF your idea is high ticket material and whether the high ticket road is a good path for you to embark on 


Tap into your inner coach

Learn how to narrow your down your coaching niche

  • High Ticket Buyer language
  • Income potential
  •  If high ticket is the path for you

What customers are saying...

“I can honestly say if it wasn't for taking your course, I would be going in a totally different direction that wasn't 100% of my passion.”


- Kim S.

“You provide step by step instructions on how to create, and launch a program and take all the guess work out of what to do next.”


- Beth H.

"I've spent thousands on other programs that promised to deliver what I gained from the first few weeks working with Rena .”


- Xenia W.